Activities for Kids - Fun Ideas for a Different Summer


Approaching the end of classes and school, all the children prepare to enjoy a well earned break during the summer.

The weather and good weather give way to outdoor activities and offer so many solutions to make this period a memorable one. Undoubtedly a time full of joy and fun for the little ones. Activities for children can be invented that include Games With water perfect to counteract the heat of this stage of the year.

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Other forms of physical activity are all that the little ones need to enjoy an ideal summer. Here we present a game called the sponge game. Children have to divide into two teams and stand in line. The first child is given a sponge and he has to run to a pitcher of water, dip the sponge and then go to fill a second empty pitcher to then pass the sponge to his partner.

Activities for children during the summer

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The team that fills your jar faster wins. Very funny and surely accompanied by many laughs. Among the activities for children in the summer one of the first places always have water balloons. At present they are sold in all kinds of shapes, sizes and variety of colors. This is a classic game and you can compete in different ways.

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For example who will make the largest balloons, who will catch more loose balloons by the opposing team. Even see the balloon of who will fly farther. The preparation of the game is quite easy, you have to mix water with dishwashing liquid, with the possible addition of some sugar and if you want to get more resistant bubbles the secret is glycerin.

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Among other activities for children and adults can be the game of treasure hunting. You can play for the whole family especially when you have a large patio. Somewhere in the yard it is possible to bury or hide a treasure and spend many fun times while trying to find it. The team that first finds it will win and if the treasure is made up of candy, it will be a surprise of the most tasty for small searchers.

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We do not have to forget another classic that are hidden. The perfect game for a larger group of kids looking to have fun in the summer . In this game one counts up to 10 while the others hide and he goes to look for them. It's great fun since the participants can hide in the most incredible places.


Another very interesting game especially when traveling in the car and you have to make a long trip is the longest phrase in the world. One child begins a sentence and the next one repeats it by adding one more word until an incredibly long sentence is made up of all the words. This game will help children develop their vocabulary.

Activities for children and the whole family

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In case they have a swimming pool we invite you to make a good water battle with water guns. What greater pleasure to have your feet in the water and to cool off having fun at the same time and of course to compete. Activities for children there are many but there are some specials that are never forgotten. One of these is to design your own kite in fantastic and different ways.


For example as a dragon, an eagle or a giant swallow. Then put it to fly competing with the others to see which can entangle with their rope the other kites and thus lower them and make them lose the game. Children love amusement parks, so even if they do not take them to a super park, they can spend a day with them amidst these amusements.


The slides or the roller coaster are very popular. In addition to eating cotton candy of different colors and ice cream of all types. They will see how happy the children will be after such a full day of emotions. Contact with animals is also very important.

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So activities for children in the summer may include visiting an animal farm. There they can see them closely, caress them and even ride horses. Similarly feed the youngest. These kinds of activities aside from being fun for children are also educational as they will learn to love and care for animals.

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Your talents can also be developed in manual activities that require a lot of creativity. You can ask them to make different cards that they will give to their friends. They have to learn how to make applications of different types, to create a unique and special work.

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Then decide which of your friends deserve it. When children are at home on a rainy day or just because they do not feel like going out they can propose the game of guessing food. Children are with closed eyes and are given to try different types of food that they have to guess.

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For example you can play with yogurt, honey, bananas, strawberries, apples, ice cream etc. A simple game among activities for children that will slowly please them and will laugh a lot. The music is put on and the little children begin to dance. Without warning, the music is removed and participants must stop.


So each child stays in an interesting and sometimes very funny position. The music is played again. Prizes can be given to those who have stayed in more ridiculous and fun ways. Of course at the end of the game there will be candy for everyone. The party or a day of fun can end with a piƱata made by children. This will give you the pleasure of leaving you filled with unforgettable sweets and emotions that are worth it.


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